How to Become a Certified Crop Advisor

1. Review the CCA Performance Objectives

The Ontario Certified Crop Advisor Performance Objectives and International Performance Objectives can be downloaded below. Alternatively, they can be included at no cost if you decide to purchase the Ontario CCA Study Guide.

2. Purchase the Study Guide

You may also wish to purchase the reference material cited in the Ontario and International CCA Objectives. 

Important: Purchasing study material does not register you for the exams.

You may also wish to purchase access to the Pre-Exam Workshops. Information is below. To purchase the Study Guide, Pre-Exam Workshops and/or the Performance Objective documents, you can do so by checking them in the Study Guide Bundle.

The International CCA Exam Study Guide is no longer available in print.  An electronic version (pdf) can be purchased HERE

3. Register and Write CCA Exams

There are two certifications exams that you are required to write and pass, as the first step in the process to become a CCA, the Ontario (local) and International. All exams are now given on-line and you must have access to a webcam and microphone. The cost to write the International exam is $180 US + $55 proctor fee = $235 US.  The cost for the Ontario exam is $100 US + $45 proctor fee = $145 U.S.

CCA exams are given during four designated testing windows during the year. Exams must be pre-registered for prior to taking them. The next testing window is July 24 – August 5, 2024. You may register for the Summer 2024 testing window from June 19 – July 15, 2024. Individuals can request to be notified when registration opens through an online form on the Exams webpage. 

Exams are taken in a virtual format and require an internet connection. Results are immediate once you finish your exam. Registration can be completed at The button below will open the site in a new browser.

The exam registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE after the registration deadline. This means that there are no refunds provided after the registration deadline has passed.  Note: Passing both exams does not automatically make you a CCA. 

Individuals who require special accommodations for the exam, please notify our office (519)787-4322 or 3 weeks prior to registering for your exam.  You must provide documentation from a medical professional regarding required accommodations. 

4. Provide Credential Information

Once you have passed both exams, the CCA head office in Madison, WI will send you a link for the Certified Crop Advisor Certification booklet which outlines the certification steps and contains the complete credentials package of forms.

You can find a copy of the booklet here (link opens in new tab).

Requirements are degree plus two years’ experience, diploma plus three years’ experience, or high school plus four years’ experience. At least 50% of the required experience must come from North America and the degree/diploma must be agriculture based.

5. Review Committee and Code of Ethics

In your credentials, you are required to fill out your education, work experience, and provide two references (one employer and one client). Once your credentials are complete, you will need to send them back to Madison within six months of receiving your exam results. At that time, Madison will submit your information to the Ontario CCA Standards and Ethics Review Committee to review your application. A code of ethics must also be signed, click here to view (opens in new tab).

6. Status Confirmation Letter

Once the Standards and Ethics Committee has reviewed your credentials, you will receive a letter outlining their decision. You will either be awarded full CCA status, CCA Candidate status (for those who have successfully completed both exams, submitted their credentials, but lack the overall experience needed to be awarded full CCA status), or be denied due to incomplete credentials.

Pre-Exam Workshop

Pre-Exam Workshop: The CCA office has recordings available of each section of the study guide that walk you through the Performance Objectives. There are four recordings in total. To purchase the recordings, the cost is $75.00 + HST.

Once payment has been made, the recordings will be emailed to you and you will get unlimited access until the exam closes. Do not share these recordings with others as the CCA office tracks who watches the recordings.

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