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Resilient Fields

Resilient Fields helps you work through specific field challenges to obtain sustainable solutions for your field crops. BMP conflicts and trade-offs are part of farming. Work through Resilient Fields’ resources and solutions to determine the best field practices for your soil, your water, your crop, your future.

Pest Management Regulatory Agency

Pesticides and Pest Management

Neonicotinoid Treated Seed Paperwork and Resources:

Ag Maps

Ontario Neonicotinoid Regulations

Inspection of Soil – Pest Assessment Report (Online form)

Inspection of Soil – Pest assessment Report (PDF Download – Ensure latest version of Adobe before downloading): 

Pest Assessment Guide Lines

IPM Written Declaration form 

Integrated Pest Management Training

Row Crop Agronomy Resources:

OMAFRA Pub 75A: Guide to Weed Control; Field crops

Agronomy Guide for Field Crops – Publication 811

OMAFRA Crop Publications

Growing Ontario Corn

Ontario Soybean & Canola Council

Ontario Forage Council

Ontario Cereals Crop Committee

Ontario Bean Growers

Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA)

Take Action: Pesticide-Resistance Management: (Americian??) 

Field Crop News

Problem Weed Guide for Ontario Crops – Volume 1 by Mike Cowbrough

Weed ID Guide for Ontario Crops by: Mike Cowbrough, Francios Tardif, Jocelyne Letarte

Sprayers 101 

Soil Health in Ontario

Spore Caster

Spray Cast

Weed info

Interpreting you soil test result

Nutrient Removal tool

Horticulture Resources:

OMARFA Pub 75B: Guide to Weed Control; Hort Crops

OMAFRA Vegetable Production Information – Commercial Vegetable Production

OMAFRA Crop Publications

Ontario Crop IPM

OMAFRA Vegetable Crop Production Publications

Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association

The Grower: Canada’s premier horticultural publication

Great Lakes Expo: Fruit, Vegetable & Farm Market

ONvegetables: Information for commercial vegetable production in Ontario


Information for Commercial Apple Growers in Ontario

Fire blight prediction apples

Fire blight prediction pears

Ontario Fruit & Vegetable Conference

Organic Cropping Resources:

Canadian Organic Growers

OMAFRA Organic Agriculture Resource page

The Organic Council of Ontario


OMAFRA Specialty Crop Opportunities

ON Specialty Crops

Long Term Crop Rotation and Tillage Trials in Ontario 

Crop Protection Network

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