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Tips for Submitting a CEU Application

  • CEU applications MUST be submitted for review a minimum of one week (7 days) in advance of the meeting taking place
  • Each speaker must have a detailed summary of their credentials in the speaker background section 
  • The summary section MUST contain details on what value this session brings to CCAs, and what CCAs will take away from the event.
  • Be as clear and concise as possible. There is never too many details! 
  • Provide links to websites, agendas, or other supplemental information if applicable 

*Failure to supply the above details can result in your application being denied. The CEU Review Committee has the right to request further details at any point. Failure to supply additional details can result in applicaiton denial as well.* 

To apply for CEUs please click on the following link to submit your application: CEU Online Application.

Event planners will automatically receive a sign-in sheet once the application has been approved. If you do not receive the sign in sheets please contact Laura. 

If you are wondering if your meeting qualifies for CEUs or have any questions, please review the standards document by clicking on the following: CEU Standards Document.

For CCAs:

To check your CEUs, self report CEUs, or report missing CEUS, visit the ICCA CEU maintenance page. Under the heading “Self Report CEUs to Your Account” you can report CEUs for events that did not apply for CEUs by selecting “report this activity”. You can also report missing CEUs for classes which occurred more than 30 days ago by selecting “missing from your CEU statement” under the “Report Missing CEUs” heading.

If you are wanting to find out how many CEUs you currently have in your two-year cycle, please click the following link: Check CEU Status and sign into your account. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks after the event for posting of CEU credits to your account.

Please note that ALL CCAs must complete the following CEU requirements in every two-year cycle:

  • In total a minimum of 40 CEUs
  • A minimum of five CEUs in the area of Nutrient Management*
  • A minimum of five CEUs in the area of Soil and Water Management*
  • A minimum of five CEUs in the area of Integrated Pest Management
  • A minimum of five CEUs in the area of Crop Management

*If you have the 4R NMS designation you must complete a minimum of 7.5 CEUs in the areas of NM and SW in each two-year cycle. The minimum requirements for IPM and CM remain the same along with the overall total number of CEUs required. 

*If you have the RMS designation, you must complete a minimum of 10.0 CEUs in IPM in each two-year cycle as part of your overall 40.0 CEUs. 

CEU cycles currently run from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024 and January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2025.  All CEUs must be completed before this date, the December 31st deadline, or you will be immediately dropped from the CCA program.


If you have any questions about how to apply for CEUs or your CEU report, please contact Erin at erin.tfio@bellnet.ca or call 519-787-4322.

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